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The Book of Normanisms by Norman Goldstein

The Book of Normanisms offers a way to reconstruct specific learned beliefs and behaviors as life serves up its “menu de jour.” The combination of quotations and visuals provides a multidimensional awareness that words alone cannot offer. This mindfulness offers a new approach to a reaction or behavior which may not serve you in a healthy or positive manner.

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Noted business innovator shares insights


From an early age, I experienced difficulties in absorbing the meaning from written words. Struggling to comprehend complex sentences was extremely uncomfortable. I became a dreamer and a fantasizer to gain knowledge and understanding of concepts being expressed. This process went on for decades unknowingly.

In my mid-thirties, one of my children was diagnosed with hyperactivity and ADHD. I was also tested to determine if it was hereditary. I found out that I did have ADHD. This realization explained a lot of my difficulties in understanding literature. I began to realize that I was using metaphors, analogies, and visual stories to communicate to people. This experiential, self-taught process also helped me to have a deeper understanding of my life and the life of others.

As time went on, and daily events would occur, I begin seeing short story clips develop in my mind. Ultimately, I started talking in visual metaphors to express myself with multi-dimensional clarity. They have been a key tool in helping me grasp and digest some of life’s most common and difficult issues. Typically, the ones that are most often the hardest to find peace with.

I had the desire to give back to my community and trained to be a mediator and an arbitrator. I am also a business coach and a mentor to those in need of guidance and hope. Friends and family have encouraged me over the years to provide my visual story telling skills and guidance to those who yearn for a better understanding of life’s journey. I have been honored by being selected as a Congressional Leadership Award recipient, recognition by CNN for changing lives in America and A Global Goodwill Ambassador and Humanitarian.

As often happens, people suggested I write a book about my visional metaphors. Writing a book appeared to be a daunting task. In lieu of doing a book, I developed a website, for my coaching work and began posting my visual thoughts. During the 2020 pandemic a friend, Sarah, offered to help create a book of these thoughts and engage an artist to create complementary illustrations. At last, The Book of Normanisms was born.

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